Stay Safe and Sound with COVID-Compliant Events

Covid-19 has changed the way we look and perceive the smallest of things in our day-to-day lives. This change has brought attention to an increased need for sanitation and social cleanliness practices that help prevent and curb any further spread of this dreaded virus.


Going by the quote of ‘life must go on, leading event destinations like Events @ Piney Creek make sure you enjoy every bit of your upcoming gatherings without worrying about getting ill.


Most of these party venues follow the best Covid-19 event protocols in Centennial and guidance for conducting indoor events in the Denver area. They do everything there is for fulfilling your social desires and driving in the party mood while staying under the umbrella of Covid-19 compliance in Denver.


Covid-19 Protocols Followed at Destinations


Before You Arrive:


• All those planning to attend an event are advised to monitor their temperatures daily at least three days before the event. If you measure 100.4F or higher, you must stay at home.
• If you have a cough, cold, fever, or experience shortness of breath or sore throat, be a responsible citizen and get yourself tested. Again, you must stay at home.
• If the above conditions don’t apply to you, you are welcome to visit the event. Do make sure that you confirm and adhere to the guidelines all the way until you get back home.


On Your Arrival:


• Keeping up with the guidance for all indoor events in Denver, these venues screen the guests as well as staff members right at the entrance. Only those who don’t have a temperature and don’t exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms are allowed entry.
• All the attendees are strongly advised to keep their face masks or nose/mouth coverings on throughout the event proceedings.
• The venues have also marked all the areas to adhere to the social distancing guidelines to establish transition points for commonly crowded areas like washrooms, elevators, etc.
• Following the best Covid-19 events protocol in Centennial, these venues make sure all the high-contact areas are disinfected regularly


Social Distancing & Staff Safety Policies


All the staff members at these events are also expected to keep their face masks on at all times during the event. They may also wear gloves and PPE kits throughout the event, depending upon their nature of work.


Seating arrangements are adjusted to follow a pattern of appropriate distancing based on Covid-compliant event policies in Denver.


Signage and barricades are used in places with a high footfall rate.


Rapid Response Incidents


Even though the organizers work to ensure a 100% safe and healthy event ground for all your socializing needs, should an incident occur where a Covid-19 case is reported at these venues, they are instructed to:


• Barricade and close the immediate surrounding area of the infected person.
• Conduct proper sanitization with CDC-approved Covid disinfectant of the common surfaces.
• Report the incident to an immediate response team who will work with the state officials on tracking and reporting the event.


Creative Spaces that are Boastfully Safe


Events @ Piney Creek hosts hundreds of events in the Denver, Colorado area every year. The organizers strive to make sure that all the guests are not just visually satisfied but also get the best venue options in different budget ranges.


Considering the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the destruction it has caused worldwide, Events @ Piney Creek, in compliance with the Covid-19 Events Protocol in Centennial, strives to keep up with best-in-class industrial cleaning and maintenance standards to make sure no more future plans or parties are ruined.


If you are planning to host a party of your own at these venues or are looking forward to attending one, make sure that you comply with all the Covid-19 guidelines. This will not only help keep everyone safe, including you, but also ensure that the party is a grand success, and can be hosted for ages to come!





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