5 Corporate Event Ideas to Add a Creative Touch to Your Next Company Event

5 Corporate Event Ideas to Add a Creative Touch to Your Next Company Event

A company has many employees with different mindsets, attitudes, and preferences. Moreover, nowadays, we are seeing diverse teams with employees working both remotely and in-office. As a result, the disconnect between personnel is rising, which can sometimes inhibit a team’s performance. Therefore, an employer should constantly strive to bring the groups together in a shared environment that promotes the development of positive work relationships.


But sometimes, it becomes hard to figure out which team building activities near Denver are ideal for your staff. Therefore, we have created this list of 5 out-of-the-box corporate event ideas in Denver to improve team spirit.


1. Paintball for Exciting Fun and Team-Spirit Development


There is no better way to build a team’s spirit than playing sports that require real-time coordination between team members. In this shooting sport, you are constantly interacting in real-time to achieve a win for your team as a whole. Paintball can facilitate the development of intuitive understanding that can go a long way in enhancing teamwork.


Working in a team trying to beat your competition Can give even the most introverted employees an adrenaline rush. Those generally shy while communicating with others can suddenly transform into leaders, dishing out commands for others to follow.


2. Scavenger Hunt for Promoting Diplomatic Communication


In the scavenger hunt game, the employers can suggest a list of items that need to be collected by the players from two different teams. The only catch: you can’t buy these items. Best played out in the open and amidst nature, a scavenger hunt event can develop and promote teamwork positively. For example, it creates communication between departments that would not normally interact. One has to act diplomatically and frequently interact during a game of scavenger hunt.


While doing that, they also have to complete a wide range of challenges, similar to what employees are normally expected to do during their office hours. The adventure and thrills in, a scavenger hunt event can effectively bring employees together.


3. Silent Discos for a Wholesome Team Building Experience


It can be hard to find music that everyone enjoys when you have many employees from different backgrounds. So, normal discotheques might not be the ideal choice. Instead, you can opt for silent discos that allow everyone to wear headphones and listen to the music of their choice.


Everyone will be happy, and it will also create some funny scenarios. Imagine a person headbanging to hard rock music next to another person dancing slowly to a romantic song.


4. Online Gaming for Tech-Savvy Remote Teams


As people are not venturing outside these days because of the threat of Covid-19, online gaming has become very popular. If you have a tech-savvy team, the chances are many of the employees will be familiar with online games. So, plan a virtual event and play some online challenges. Or, take a poll and settle on a game that most employees love.


Make sure that the teammates are communicating through voice chat. Online gaming can promote teamwork, and the best thing about it is that everyone can attend the event from the comfort of their home.


5. Outdoor Cinemas to Break the Ice


Indoor cinemas are mostly shut down during the Covid-19 pandemic. But you do have an option to organize an outdoor cinema screening at your next corporate event. Ask your employees to come in their cars and watch a movie together. To reap the best results from this event, you should host a quiz about the film.


During the quiz, you can ask questions about the events in the movie and then reward employees who give the correct answers. You can divide your employees into two teams and create a sense of competition.




Team building events can go a long way in building camaraderie amongst team members. But they only work when they are creative and attract employees to participate wholeheartedly. For example, you can organize a paintball event or a scavenger hunt or engage your remote teams with some good online fun.


There are many excellent team building activities in Colorado available; all you need to do is choose a creative event option that appeals to your office staff.

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